Neighborhood churches

We are a network of neighborhood churches…meaning we cultivate, equip and send out church communities that are between 20-70 people with the goal that these will multiply and impact their neighborhoods. We are a scattered network in the fact that each church makes up a unique calling in the Antelope Valley through their own vision and mission. We are a gathered network in that each church gathers together for shared, corporate worship on Sunday evenings and by living out their calling through Communion, Community, and Co-Mission.

For many the church is viewed as an event, a form of theology or a building, but we understand it as a family on mission together: "so we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.” - 1 Thessalonians 2:8. This is the vision of common life that is outlined by the Early Church in Acts 2. By planting local communities…smaller expressions of church…throughout neighborhoods in the Antelope Valley we are seeing people knit into family as they worship Jesus, eat together, discuss with each other and go on mission to our valley together.


When: CHEF meets most Thursday nights from 6-8 in Rancho Vista. The CHEF Community is pastored by Karen Herman.

VIsion: Come Hear, Enjoy Faith, Family, Fellowship and Food. Ingredients for a bountiful life brought to the dinner table, mixed together to create a sumptuous, passionate life that nourishes ourselves, each other, and our community.

Mission: Once a month, we have a guest cook – bringing us culturally diverse menus and sharing how to create a dish from the evening meal. On the other weeks, we share meals and discussion on a variety of life topics and reach out to our community needs through group projects and outreach.

Come meet, and eat with us. 

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the zoo

When: Our youth meet most Friday nights from 6-8pm in Lancaster. 

Vision: Welcome.Witness.Worship - Bring together middle and high school students as a gospel based community where students can: Welcome their friends, classmates, teammates and families to join us on Mission. Witness to them the love of Jesus through friendship, support and prayer. Worship our Creator through songs and art and by loving and serving the hurting around us. 

Our Mission: To be witnesses of Jesus' love for our community by doing intentional acts of kindness that make people smile and feel loved.

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