"Kairos" is a Greek word that means "time"…there are two types of "time" that show up in the Bible. 1, "Chronos" which is related to chronology and sequence. 2, "Kairos" is a special time where minutes and seconds stand still and God interrupts our schedules…this is the word used at the beginning of the Gospel of Mark (1:15): “The TIME (KAIROS) has come, the kingdom of God has come near...”

At Kairos Community we gather to worship and scatter on mission to experience God's goodness and grace in these moments, to see heaven meet earth, to identify kairos moments happening in our lives, families and communities.

Who WE Are

We are a community that gathers around the life, grace and mission of Jesus. Everything we do as a church is to put Jesus in a place of "kingship" over our lives, families, neighborhoods and communities. We feel that when Jesus reigns, peace, love, mercy, justice, righteousness and goodness prevail over the things that dominate the world around us.