meet our team..

There are no spectators in the Kingdom of God...everyone has a role, a job, a calling. Our staff are simply the leaders we believe are chosen to  facilitate equipping everyone in our church for the calling God has for their lives.


    Community Pastor, CHEF

    Karen is the Community Pastor of Chef (a Kairos Community Neighborhood Church in West Palmdale). She is currently a secretary at Cottonwood Elementary. Her passion in ministry is to share God’s grace and mercy through life’s deepest hurts. She has completed a year long Biblical course on “Caring for People God’s Way” and “Biblical Grief Counseling” and continues to search and study His truths to be able to walk alongside those who are hurting. Karen feels grateful and privileged to be able to share her life with others who  are struggling with the things she has faced, and believes wholeheartedly that God is bigger than any struggle or circumstance. Her greatest influences are her Grandma Pearl and childhood pastor Henry Greene. Both taught her to be bold in her faith, see the good in the world around her, and be available when needed at God’s timing and leading. She currently lives in Palmdale and loves spending time with her three beautiful grandsons, as well as several “adopted” grand kids at both church and the school where she works.


    Community PastorKaleo

    Congregational Leader -Worship, Liturgy and Art

    Jaimie was born and raised in the Antelope Valley. She spent many years studying classical piano and delved into the world of worship leading when she was 17. Her greatest pride is her children and the home and family she is creating with her husband and best friend Noah. Her passion in ministry is to help empower worship leaders who will effectively and authentically lead their local neighborhood churches in worshipping Jesus in spirit and in truth. In addition to her husband and mom Char, her greatest influences have been theologians John Stott, Ben Witherington III and Walter Bruggeman, worship leader Tim Hughes, speaker and author Jill Briscoe, her counselor and friend Bonnie Chisholm, her piano teacher Sheryl Wyatt, mentor and friend Holly Wehde (Co-Founder of Trades of Hope), and TV character Alicia Florrick played by Julianna Margulies on The Good Wife.

  • NOAH STEPRO       

    Community Pastor, Kaleo

    Congregational Equipper - Vision, Leadership and Theology

    Noah and Jaimie started Kairos in 2011 out of desire to follow Jesus, with their friends and family as they grow in faith and understanding through community.

    Noah Stepro is the Lead Pastor at Kairos. He grew up in the Antelope Valley and graduated with a Master's Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2008. The thing that gives him the greatest joy in serving Jesus is walking with others through the dark midnight of the soul into the dawn of God’s Kingdom breaking through. He has a passion to empower leaders - standing with them to help give birth to a new vision or initiative - changing the world for Jesus person by person, community by community. In addition to several mentors and friends who have helped to shape his life, his greatest influences have been his wife Jaimie, NT Wright, Scott McKnight, The Getup Kids, Darren Arronofsky, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Weezer, Wes Anderson, Karl Barth, Jeff Buckley, Alistair MacIntyre, Mike Breen, Alan Hirsch, CS Lewis, Joel Green, Eddy Gibbs, Donald Bloesch, Ray Anderson, and John Goldingay. He currently is an adjunct history professor at Antelope Valley College, and resides in Palmdale with his wife, Jaimie, and their four children Clover, Paisley, Ember and Soren.

  • Jana Perea

    Congregational Leader, Children's Pastor

    Jana was born and raised in the Antelope Valley, and began working as a math tutor in high school. In 2006, she married her highschool friend Ryan; they now have five children togethe: Jude, Lily, Jett, Cash and Kane. She served as the worship leader of Olive Branch Christian Church for 7 years. In early 2014, Jana felt called to join Kairos Community and sensed God leading her into ministry with children. Her passion in ministry is to encourage children to have a personal relationship with Jesus, find their place in the church, and share the hope and message of God’s Kingdom to all they come in contact with. Her major influences have been CS Lewis, Corrie Ten Boom, her sister and best friend Jaimie Stepro, mentor and counselor Jeanne Beaumont, and pastor/brother/friend Noah Stepro. 


    Community Pastor, TRIBE

    Cody thoroughly enjoys communication, sharing information, and telling stories to build up, stir up, and cheer up his audience. After seven plus years working in the news industry, he now tells video stories for Learn4Life, an organization with the slogan "Change Your Story." His passion in ministry is for outreach and social justice - whether it be simply cleaning up illegal dumping or feeding the homeless. He loves to see wrongs set right, the down and out lifted up and blessed. Connecting with people, forming teams, and strategizing to accomplish a mission for the sake of God’s Kingdom all energize him to no end. He and his wife pastor Tribe; a neighborhood church of families built to bless families. He has been influenced by CS Lewis, Graham Cooke, Rabbi Lazer Brodi, friend Geoff Pitman, and a number of other pastors such as Mark & Anne Stapleton and Noah Stepro. He currently lives in Palmdale with his wife Heather, and sons Lysander and Stellan.

  • Heather urban    

    community pastor, tribe 

    Heather Urban is a Community Pastor of The Tribe (a Kairos Community Neighborhood Church). She is currently working as an American Sign Language Interpreter for both Antelope Valley College and Cal State Northridge. Her desire is to help people see God’s beauty in the world, in themselves, and to discover it herself. She loves to travel and look at photography of natural things, and experience art. She also loves to indulge in new cultures and notice the traditions and customs God has woven into their lives, as well as share that with other people. Her passion is for others to experience the beautiful reality of who God is through what He has made. Her major influences are Mark & Anne Stapleton (directors of the Spiritual Enrichment Camp), C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Bill Bryson (A Short History of Nearly Everything), National Geographic, Survival class with Jewish teacher Gabe Goldman, her family and their sense of adventure. She currently lives in Palmdale with her husband Cody, and sons Lysander Stellan.


    Community Pastor, OLIVE BRANCH

    Congregation Leader - Care and Connection

    Bill Walker earned his Bachelor’s degree from Hope University International. He has a passion to help ground churches in simple New Testament faith and practices. He founded and pastored Olive Branch Christian Church in Littlerock for 20 years with his wife, Char, and recently merged the congregation with Kairos Community. He feels God has called him to take a step of “outside the box” faith. As a Pastor of Kairos, his passion is to pursue his personal growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, to make and mentor disciples of Jesus, and to assist lead pastor Noah Stepro in equipping the church for the work of ministry.